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Jan 19, 2010

Censor the words, you censor the person.

So tell me when you hear my heart stop.
~Possibility by Lykke Li~

Please do tell me: it could be useful.

The above quote is from a song that is in a movie, and the movie is based on a book. Impressive huh? A trio of culture wrapped up in a single, haunting line.

The power of words, of music, of books and film. Whatever else you might say about my upbringing, it has given me a true appreciation of how powerful just one of those things are. True, I don't believe that power ought to be feared as a negative force (as I once did): instead, I prefer to embrace it as a force for good.

Growing up there were many books, films and music out of my reach. When I hit 15, 16 I did push the boundaries and explored the many books, films and music I hadn't been able to experience up until that point. The reason for the rise of interest in the things that had, until that point been completely out of my reach, was definitely James and Bryan (cousins). They encouraged me to listen, watch and read a whole range of things, that I had either never heard of or, would have never dreamed of reading, listening nor watching. And I never looked back: they had created a monster :-P!!

I now treasure the fact that I no longer have to self-censor, or be censored. That the books, movies and music I chose to read, listen and watch are all my choices, and my choices alone. Well, except for Justin and his obsession with crappy movies: not that I judge, of course. That is why we have two TV's.


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