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Jan 19, 2010

Church Experiment: Part 2.

Hi All,

The more I think back on my experiences at the Oasis Church, the more disturbed I become.

I didn't mention this in my first post, but there was a little event that was, looking back on it, was just very off-putting.

Behind us, there was a young family: they had 4 or 5 kids under the age of about 4/5. Their toddler, started misbehaving, crying, and throwing a temper tantrum. To me there was nothing wrong with that: the poor thing was bored (sitting through an hour+ service isn't the most fascinating thing for a 1-2 year old). However the boy's father did take issue with it. He picked him up really roughly, shook him and when that didn't work, took him outside. But there wasn't singular reaction from anyone around us. No one got up and talked to him about the inappropriateness of shaking your child. I sincerely hope someone did after we left, because there is no excuse for that behaviour.

I did discuss this particular church with Mum, as she has had the most experience with them. She agreed with me that the church did have some fundamentalist/patriarchal leanings which were concerning. And she pointed it out, "it showed warning signs of either being, or at least, becoming, the very type of church you have had issues with".

But perhaps the biggest red light for me, was when I googled the college (Rhema) the pastor attended. I found first this article, and then another, and then finally another. And that was enough for me. There is no way that hubby, Miss Dee and I are ever attending that particular church again.

I will still post Miss Dee's perspective, because it is still valid from an experiment point.


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