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Jan 21, 2010

Church Experiment: Part 3.

It is Miss Dee's turn!

Miss Dee started off being very nervous: she is naturally a very shy child, and I had expected this. She was a bit reluctant at first to join in the "praise and worship" side of it, but soon warmed up, and joined in: she has a particular love of music, to say nothing of her prodigious talent in that area.

I kept checking in with her all service: making sure that she was okay, and explaining things as needed; for example, she was confused by the reasons behind the laying on of hands/conversion. I explained to her the reasons behind why they do it: and taught her the "lords prayer" as an example. I am amazed I actually remembered it.

I did bring a small notepad and a pen for her to use during the sermon, so she didn't really pay any attention to any of it: she was more interested in drawing cute stick figures.

After the service the pastor came up and complimented her on how well behaved (read quiet and submissive) she was. A number of the other members came up to her and complimented her as well.

Throughout, her shyness never left her: she stuck to my side and refused to leave it. I didn't mind because it meant I could keep open lines of communication with her, and answer any of her questions myself straight away.

We had a long talk after the service about varying aspects of the service. She said that she liked the music (a given), but that she hadn't understood a great deal about the actual service. I explained to her the things that she hadn't fully understood. I also reiterated what Justin and I believe, and that ultimately there are many different belief systems in this world and that it is up to her to choose the one (or none) that makes her happy.

We did a lot of talking and explaining that Sunday!!!

Next up, the Salvation Army. Wish us luck.

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