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Jan 11, 2010

Exclusive Brethren is Cult, Mr Rudd.

Hello All.

This is an open letter to Mr Rudd (Aus. PM) is regarding this article.

Dear Mr Rudd,

I read that you have given millions of dollars to the closed brethren schools. Fair enough, I suppose if you don't take into consideration the untold pain and harm it has, as a church community,  done to thousands of children. You only need to do a little digging to realise this! Stories are everywhere: from David Tchappat (whom has a book published regarding his experiences in the movement), to the Peebs website, which has dozens, if not hundreds of stories regarding the abuses occuring in the movement which you have just supported.

Not only that, but to say that if you don't pass the money on that these children will cost the state more? Actually, in the long run it would probably will end up costing you a similar amount from the mental health services the leavers will use, to the ones that give up fighting and commit suicide. These are children, whom just happened to be born into a fundamentalist cult, and the impact of that upbringing will ring throughout their lives: whether they stay or not. To be brutally frank, Mr Rudd, it would be better if they were in public school,  so that at least they can be monitored for abuse issues etc.

Let us be very clear, Mr Rudd. This is a dangerous movement. And you have just supported the church's position, and thrown dirt in the faces of those that left, and their stories of painful realities.

It is appalling.



Anonymous said...

Im, just astounded about all this stuff about brethern. why isnt there exposes about them. Are they so wealthy to get away with all of the alleged abuse ?

Anonymous said...

The Exclusive Brethren are very influential because they are very wealthy indeed. Not only that, they also have the expertise to lobby the governments in Australia, the UK and USA to ensure that their voices are not only heard, but also acted upon.

Read Michael Bachelard's book, "Behind the Exclusive Brethren" to find out how powerful the Exclusive Brethrens actually are. It is of great concern, considering that they number only around 43,000 world-wide and 15,000 in Australia.

Until I read Michael's book just a few days ago, I used to believe that the Brethren's are just a ultra-fundamentalist group of Christians who take the Bible too literally, but otherwise keep to themselves and cause no harm. I was wrong. They do not keep to themselves when it comes to political maneuvering and getting their way. This is just one means of harm. The psychological harm they have caused to children and adults is immeasurable. And yet, they are able to amass huge wealth through knowing how to work our political system, as is obvious through the $70 million in funding from Kevin Rudd's government.

The worst part about this funding is that it will totally close the door to the outside world for their children. They will now be totally removed from learning about the wider world, which cannot be good for the psychological growth of any person. This is a tragedy.

How could Kevin Rudd have permitted this level of funding to contribute to the entrenchment of psychological abuse of the children of the Exclusive Brethren? Well, I would say that the Brethren's very politically savvy men have been having lots of behind closed doors discussions with our esteemed PM, Kevin Rudd.

I am dismayed.

For a copy of Michael Bachelard's book, go here http://www.scribepublications.com.au/book/behindtheexclusivebrethren

We are all being manipulated by the Exclusive Brethrens, not just its 43,000 members.


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