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Jan 26, 2010

Leaving a Fingerprint.

You're the only one who knows. 
~Possibility, Lykke Li ~


We all have them. They chase us, haunt us, sometimes make us laugh, and sometimes, cry. They convolute our lives, and can make us tell the truth, or lie time and time again. 

For some people, they linger in their souls, growing blacker by the day. And yet to others, they make them fight everyday for something, for anything and everything. 

I think there are some things that ought to be always kept secret: such as experiences that are so precious or moving that they do not deserve to be revealed. On the other hand, I know full well the pain and blackness of a "bad" secret, and the way it slowly strips the life out of you, sucking the light out of an otherwise bright and beautiful world. 

All secrets leave fingerprints. There is no such thing as a secret without impact. A secret is a secret, and for good or bad, it spreads itself around in your life, and will always linger. You cannot delete a secret: you can expose it, but often that can be a painful process in itself. 

I am the first to admit that I have secrets, and that no, they are not all bad, in fact many of them bring me a great deal of joy. But equally, I cannot get rid of the "bad ones" that wake me screaming in the night, or make me cry.

Once a memory, always a memory. 
Whether it is spoken of, 
Or kept silent among the shadows of happier memories.


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