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Jan 19, 2010

No Longer Quivering

Hi All,

I have often mentioned NLQ (No Longer Quivering) in passing here: as one of any number of sites I have found about the journey from fundamentalism. 

Well, I thought I would expand on it a little bit, and share more about it!! 

Many online are divided about the role NLQ is playing in the growing movement of women that are leaving fundamentalism. Most believe they (the posters, commentators etc of NLQ) have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. I am the first to admit that I have left all forms of Christianity, but the last to say that "most" of the other fundamentalist women "leavers" have as well. 

As for myself? I highly recommend it. I believe it has the capability of reaching a great number of women, and changing their lives for the better. For me, it hits just the right balance between atheism, spiritualism and christianity. Unlike other blogs I have seen, it is not forthrightly anti-male, anti-christian and anti-god. Anti-fundamentalism, absolutely: and as for me personally, I believe that there should be criticisms and debate about this culture. NLQ just happens to be extremely good at not appearing too far on either end of the scale. It asks the questions, and leaves the reader to make their own choices. True, Vyckie does state and explain her reasons for coming to the conclusion that she has, but that is a side note to an otherwise mostly balanced portrayal of leaving the fundie culture. 

Everyone comes to the process of leaving fundamentalism with their own biases and opinions; after all, fundamentalism itself has encouraged many of those biases and opinions. Sometimes those biases and opinions are helpful to the debate, sometimes not. Everybody is different, and it means that all these stories are different. It also means that one site might be extremely helpful to one, but extremely triggering to another. 

All things in life require a balance; and for me, I like NLQ and the women (and some men) present there. They are all have varying experiences, biases and opinions, but somehow on this board/blog it just works out fine. The right balance of the right people are there. It's not perfect, but it is one of the best I have seen in that they have managed to keep their balance in what amounts to a maze of quicksand. And good on them. 

Well done, Vyckie. You have a community to be proud of.


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