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Jan 31, 2010

Thoughts of Shopping

No church adventures or high jinxes this week to report. Miss Dee wanted a day at home (completely understandable: it was her first week back at school last week). 

We did however have Miss Moo, and we went shopping: it was the first week of 7 day trading for Rockhampton. Woot. So much fun. Slightly strange to be wandering through Shopping Fair on a Sunday, but it was all good. :-) I adjust quickly!!!

I have always enjoyed the 'thrill' of shopping. I particularly love food shopping: the intricacies of picking out the fresh produce, fitting myself to a budget, and sticking to it, or even better, beating it. It is probably the one area of the finances that I am really good at sticking with. 

I love buying things for the kids. There is nothing like putting together the little outfits for each of them, making sure each and every piece from shoes to hair pieces (if they are girls) match or harmonise perfectly. When and if I ever have children the poor things will be matched to death. 

So much of the shopping process is bordering on therapeutic for me. Whether it be feeling fabrics or smelling the fresh produce, I find the whole experience is calming.

Now, if I could go shopping on my own, it would be even better!!


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