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Feb 4, 2010

How I Blog!

I am really not sure where to begin this post.

I always have described myself as a "blogger in bursts". I usually have a tonne of material that I want to blog about all at once: and then, once I am done, I am done for a while. I have a complete and utter mind blank and writers block until I find something else that sets me off racing again.

Right now, I am in the middle of a mind blank/writers block! Sad for you, my dear blog readers, as it is for me. I do love blogging, and it is really quite annoying to find there is nothing knocking at my minds door, begging to be written.

Not to worry, I am sure I will be prompted (ie, driven entirely mad by an idea) to blog again shortly. Something always does.

Look forward to it: it will be big! It might come to me tomorrow. Might arrive next week.


Till then,


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