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Feb 8, 2010

The Red Beasts of Hell...


Often we lose track of what truly matters, amongst the currents of life. Getting ahead, being better, all are more important.

And then, there is a wake up call, a call to arms, a reminder of the preciousness of life, a single moment where all that was important is forgotten.

A moment like Black Saturday. A day when the red beasts of hell swept over valleys and hills of Victoria, wiping out entire towns, and taking along with it the lives of 173 men, women, children and babies. 3500 buildings destroyed. 414 people injured. 7000+ people with no place to return to.

And yet, many of the TV channels here could only be bothered giving one of our largest natural disasters a hour here and there, and a few minutes on the news. I am appalled.

It is a big deal, and these people deserved to be remembered with honour.

Congratulations go to ABC for actually putting some time into telling the stories of both the lost, and the living. 2 hours may not be much, but out of all the channels, it was the longest, and the best quality.


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