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Mar 3, 2010

Marcia...err...Emily, Emily, Emily!

Well, the reign of Frugal Emily is over: or is it?

To catch you all up, Emily is a blogger who espouses frugal living to the extreme. I have discussed her before: comparing her stance to my own on things such monetizing blogs, comment moderation, and the tiny size of her boys room (and safety issues contained therein).

After many polite (and some not so polite) suggestions, judgements and questions about safety/size/hygiene of the boy's room, Emily decided to run a contest on redesigning the aforesaid room, with the readers being given the opportunity to submit entries. A poll was to be used to decide the ultimate winner.

And here is where the world of Emily started to go a little pear shaped (not that it wasn't already).

From the start of her 'contest' there was a clear favourite: design No. 1 (a normal bunk bed, neat posters on the walls, places for everything). As events were to prove, Emily would go on to question the legitimacy of the polls, blaming "anti-me" sites for the (very decisive) result. She claimed that instead her readers (in other words, only those whom had actually commented, not just voted)  had wanted No. 3 (a multi level bunk bed), or a combination of No. 1 and No. 3. Why would she do that?

I am entering the realm of guesswork here, but perhaps, Emily always had wanted the multi level bunk bed (which was/is to be home-made). Or perhaps more likely, and also more simply, had wanted the ultimate say over what went into her boy's room (which is more than her right). My problem with either of these possibilities is that she is wilfully misleading the public as to the true realities of the 'competition'. If she had only wanted suggestions, for her and her husband to then choose a 'winner' from, then I think I would be far more content to let the issue be. This behaviour from her as someone whom claims to be a conservative christian, and wishes to play the part of a pastor's wife someday, is in and of itself concerning. I don't know about you, my dear readers, but this is not the type of personality, indeed person, that I would be looking for to fulfil that position/role.

As it was to turn out, the large majority of her readers agreed that at best, her competition was misleading. An already present backlash against her blog intensified with several of her more devoted readers criticizing her for her false presentation of the competition etc.

Surprise, surprise, after this widespread and public reaction, her blog went off-line. Or did it?

Emily, as it so happens, has two blogs. There is the now closed one, Under $1000 Per Month, and....an older one:
Emily's Bellybutton

Emily, as you can probably guess, has returned her lint, fuzz and bellybutton home. In a recent article she explains her reasons for deleting the Under $1000 blog, and in the process, blames the shut down on the negative responses of her readers (readers that according to her, were bringing her $1000+ in blog earnings per month). I was astonished at this, because I would have thought that she surely would have recognised what she was getting herself into when she started. After all, you don't start a controversial blog, without expecting some form of criticism, particularly as that blog becomes more well read, and discussed on other forums (particularly forums, whose whole purpose is to snark). Even if she was legitimately distressed at some of the more negative, harsh comments, why did she return to blogging so soon, on an already known blog? The girls at Free Jinger had linked to it and written about it months ago.

To my way of thinking this is a sad and sorry situation, particularly for her boys. Say what you will about Emily's obsession with blogging/frugality, but the insights she has given into her home make me concerned, very concerned. I care about her boys, and want them to be able to have the very best, and the lives that they deserve. I hope (though there is a lot of evidence to dash that hope) that they are able to fulfil that potential, regardless.

Is the reign of Frugal Emily over? Time will tell, but somehow, I think she will still be around for quite some time to come. I will leave you with some thoughts from the woman herself:

I'll still write here maybe once a week, and I want to continue to be the Wednesday contributor at Frugal Hacks, so I'm not going into hiding. I'm still here, sharing my ideas.
~Emily: There~

I think I'll undelete the *blog* in about a week and leave it as an archive.
~Emily: There (comments)~

**And yes, she is referring to the 'other' blog: Under $1000 per Month.



La Femme said...

When there is no room for reason, all reason has left, imo. I'll follow her as I can, but not because anything she does is useful; she's sorta the Britney Spears circa 2007-2009 version of trainwreck. I have all her photos, but only cuz I hope to chart "some" form of progress against the old pics. Ever see Chicken Run? Mrs. Tweety. Oh yeah.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see someone who is familiar with the QF/fundie lifestyle criticizing Emily! She's not frugal, imho...she is poor, and what kills me is that she has no desire to make life better for her boys.


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