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Mar 6, 2010

NLQ's Blogoversary

Today, it has been one year since Vyckie and her associates put virtual pen to virtual paper and started the blog that would become one of the biggest resources for former fundamentalists/QF'ers. 

Today, it has been one year since the tiny, individual voices about the problems and abuses occurring in the fundamentalist/QF lifestyles became a giant roar. 

Today, it has been one year since No Longer Quivering started. It has grown astronomically since then: with the voices and stories of hundreds of women (and men) joining Vyckie in her quest to expose the abusive practices which are part and parcel of the experiences of a large proportion of the women and children in the movement(s). 

Today, it is time to thank Vyckie for all her fabulous work that enabled this community to flourish and grow. And more importantly, thank you for creating a place where the stories of the abused women and children to be told in a spirit of love and compassion.



LDC said...

Jo ~ do you know what happened to Laura on NLQ?

Princess Jo said...

Summing up what I know, Laura needed some time off...She felt unable to continue her story due to a number of very good reasons.

She will be back tomorrow as part of the NLQ Anniversary celebrations...


Vyckie said...

Thanks for this lovely "blogoversary" wish, Jo!

It's been an incredible year ~ looking forward to more.

Jo ~ you have been so supportive and your own story is so touching ~ my life is enriched just knowing you.

All the best!



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