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Mar 9, 2010

Salvation Army: Part 2

I just thought I would expand on the church experiment series. :-)

To remind you all, when we left off, we were attending the Salvation Army Church. It was a church that we all (Justin, Miss Dee and I) felt positive about.

We have now attending at least 4 times now. Each time has proven, well, interesting: at times in a negative light, at times, positive. Justin and I have even had a private meeting with the pastors (yes, the same pastors that were inducted at our first attendance).

Miss Dee has attended Sunday School 3 times now. Twice with the me, once with Justin. The times that I did attend, I struggled with the youth and clear inexperience of the Sunday School teachers. Above all, their basic lack of knowledge of the bible, and theology astounded me. Surely, if you are going to teach Sunday School, you ought to know something about the Bible. Agnostic me knew more than them. Which is, well, wrong. Miss Dee loves it, so that is the most important thing ;-).

Like I said, Justin and I have been swapping turns to take Miss Dee to Sunday School, to allow me to experience the dreaded sermon. :-O

Can I say, I forgot how boring they are? Enough said.

Justin and I also held a private conference with the pastors: more to explain our presence, and unusual situation. During the meeting,  Pastor W (wife) asked me "How can you attend even though you don't believe?". It really is very simple; I attend for the child's interests not my own. Yes, I do consider it an experiment on how church members treat church visitors/non Christians. But ultimately, it is all about Miss Dee and her experiences. So far she loves to attend Sunday School and it has been a positive experience for her: thus why we are still attending every one to two weeks.

Both pastors are very supportive of what we are seeking to do, and they were mostly supportive, albeit with the hope that we would change our minds and convert. Not very likely on this end.  

Interestingly, the Pastor M (man) is on his second marriage. For a former fundie, my immediate thought was: "woah- so unbiblical". Funny how the thinking patten remains, although your beliefs have changed!


1 comment:

shadowspring said...

Haha- that is funny that you immediately questioned the pastor's spirituality based on propaganda from your own fundie past. Very human of you. =)

Glad your young charge is enjoying Sunday school so much. I hope she continues to enjoy her life.


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