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Apr 21, 2010


To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.  
~Agnes De Mille~

Dance for me has always been an intoxicating, heady thing, an escape, an outpouring of joy, sorrow or some unspeakable emotion. Either watching it or doing it, it has always appealed and called to me.

I am not overly talented and have no training: yet this passion has remained with me. To watch a couple move so elegantly, and yes, sexily on the screen or to be lost among the highs and lows of the music and dance myself is one of those indescribable things that touches the soul, working healing magic.

People are often so afraid to dance. They think they are bad at it: are self concious, afraid of what others may think. To me, dance should never about others. It should be about you: the ultimate expression of what makes you tick.

Dance allows to release my sexuality, embrace and explore my emotions, to say nothing of the fabulous work out you get whilst doing it. It allows me to be me, nothing else, nothing more.



Lorena said...

I love dancing, too. I'm not very good at it, by Latin American standards (which I am), but I love dancing all the same.

Doing exercise videos has been very helpful for improving my technique, though. I'd been doing the odd video here and there for years, but hadn't been to a dance, until a couple of years ago we went out on New Year's eve.

I couldn't believe all the moves I unknowingly had in my repertoire!

Debbie said...

I spent many hours dancing to music in the lounge room while pregnant with you.


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