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Apr 8, 2010

Trials and Tribulations

Hi all, 

Long time no see! I know, I know, I have been very bad, and not been blogging! Or doing much else, really. 

I would firstly like to congratulate Maree on such an interesting, powerful story, and having the strength to write about it and share it to the world. Just to clear up any confusion, Maree is not me. Yes, her name is the same as my middle name...it is just coincidence. :-) 

Back to the show! 

Crohns has been playing havoc on my back and hips particularly. Crazy. And annoying. And frustrating. I could continue all day, really! I can barely walk, and lying and sitting aren't comfy either. I am now on around 12 pills a day: and I must say they do take a toll. 

But, Zoloft? It is really working. I mean really working! I forgot to take it for 2 days: bad idea. I went into an instant down spin. I didn't realise how much better I was compared to where I was 1 month, 2 months, or even a year ago. My new found balance means I can finally sort out what is important to me and what is not. I can discover new parts of me: without the feeling of being constantly on edge, in fear of the big bad wolf, that may or may not be around the corner. I can embrace my needs and wants, instead of feeling that I have failed the impossibly high standards I set myself. It is like the volume in my head has suddenly been turned down. Amazing. Empowering. Inspiring. 

Such a pity Crohns isn't holding up its end of the bargain! 



Laura said...

Jo, I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well! :( Glad the Zoloft is helping, but it's time to kick the Crohn's, no? I wish they'd hurry up and find a cure already!

Hope you feel better soon!

(Love the new blog background, btw!)

Quivering Daughters said...

Yes, the new layout is great! I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Does massage help? It sounds like you need one.

shadowspring said...

Yay! I am so, so, so glad the Zoloft is working.

And boo Crohn's disease! I have a chronic illness but it is not painful like Crohn's. I hope and pray you get relief soon somehow.

And I love the new look, too.

Smiles and good wishes to you, SS

Lorena said...

Wow! You put
my menopausal troubles
into perspective.

Good to know that you're feeling better for now.


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