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May 7, 2010

Conflicted? Who me?

Life: the miraculous thing that spends itself in a constant confusion, and then makes vague attempts to resolve that that confusion.

Right now, I am at yet another point: feeling as confused as ever. My long awaited for hospital visit is finally over. And guess what? No answers. None. My colonscopy went well, and found no sign of inflammation.. Which is so confusing, to say nothing of frustrating, in light of the fact that I have been flaring for quite some time. It is quite possible that the inflammation has moved to another section of my bowel inaccessible via colonoscopy. I have also been put on a higher level of medication, which should help maintain me for a while.

I have also had the pleasure of a dear friend Maddy's (and her gorgeous son) company this week. Her visit has been wonderful, albeit conflicting. Having a little boy in the house is fantastic gift, and one that I savour, but leaves a little ache and and a little sting, which I feel horribly about.

So much happiness, mixed with a little confusion! Ah Life!


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