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Jun 4, 2010

Be Friends with the Vagina

SBS documentaries are dangerous things.

They get me thinking about vaginas! The horrors! 

The Perfect Vagina, in fact.

It was looking at the rise of vaginal plastic surgery. More and more women are going under the knife to change the look of their girly bits into the "ideal". I was slightly stunned, to be honest. I had heard of it before, but it hadn't really struck me how widespread the dissatisfaction (and thus, surgery) really is.

As I watched, I was struck at the cruelty from partners/friends/family that the the girls had experienced to get them to the rather radical choice of surgery. I felt that for a lot of them the choice for surgery had been forced onto them by the judgments of others instead of coming from a place of health concerns etc.

The surgery itself was horrific, and just looked horribly painful. Ick. And what if something went wrong?

The truly ironic thing is that nearly every single woman thought that there was such thing as a "perfect, ideal" vagina, when the reality is so different, and there is no such thing. 

On a side note, it also served to turn me off waxing for life. That looked nearly as painful as the surgery, to be honest.

Personally, I like my vag-jay-jay (my name for it) the way it is. I could not fathom changing it so drastically via such a permanent method.

Embrace your vag-jay-jay women of the world!!! It is supposed to be a thing of pleasure. And yes, you can touch it in a sexual way without a male being around! Oh my goodness!

Your Vagina is Your Friend. Really Truly.



shadowspring said...

LOL We all need friends!

Seriously, girls think there is a certain way your va-jay-jay should look? 0.0

That is just so wrong. So are men going to start getting cosmetic surgery on their sex organs too?

Jennifer said...

The only reason I would ever get surgery done on my vulva/vaginal region is if it were to correct a painful issue I have down there... and at this point it's not painful often enough (or generally severe enough) for me to consider being put under the knife for it.


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