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Jun 21, 2010

Finally Getting Somewhere.

Hi All,

Yes, we are finally getting somewhere at least on the IF front. To the land of tests, tests and more tests. But least it somewhere out of the "I don't know" territory.

The gynecologist was wonderful: I loved her. She made me feel instantly comfortable (and she was very positive!), and has set out a firm plan and direction for next few months...which is excellent. The plan is to have multiple tests (multiple blood tests to check hormones, Pelvic U/S, Semen Analysis) done over the next one to two months, with a follow up appointment after they are done.  If it is an egg production problem, the plan is to simply prescribe something to hopefully get it kick started. If it something more complicated (ie, Justin, or my tubes etc) steps will be taken from there...and it really depends on the actual problem. IVF and IUI's are not covered by the public health system which is a problem, and does limit our treatment options for now. We of course, could look at the private system for this a few years down the track: treatment whilst being relatively inexpensive (particularly when compared to the USA costs) is a little out of our reach currently.

Will keep you all updated.



Grace said...

Oooh, hun. This is exciting!

Laura said...

Good news!

Susan said...

Good luck!

shadowspring said...

Best wishes!

Britt said...

Good luck! Finding answers is always so reasurring...I hope you find what you are looking for! Happy ICLW!

Quiet Dreams said...

So happy for you! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. ICLW

Terry Elisabeth said...

Best of luck ! It's great to have a positive doctor and a firm plan. It eases the process.

Fran said...

Very best wishes for all the testing! It's great to have a plan!


ICLW #130

daega99 said...

Great news!


Waiting Lisa said...

It's exciting to be moving forward. Good luck!!


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