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Jun 29, 2010

A gentle recommendation...

For all fertility news, information, and articles.
I got an email the other day approaching me about the possibility of linking to Fertility Authority website on my blog. I was very skeptical,  but once I checked it out, I was really (and genuinely) impressed.  I am not being paid for this by the way: this is all me!

The minute I clicked over I found an article on IVF in Australia, and more particularly the first IVF baby born here. It was fascinating.

Not only that, but they have a fantastic section titled "Conversations with an Infertility Counselor". As the title suggests, it discusses the very real emotional impact with an infertility counselor. As someone who doesn't live in an area with an IF counselor, I found it really useful and insightful.

 A fabulous resource tool, and one that I would recommend to any couple at any stage of the IF process. So what are you waiting for?

Go and check it out!

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Susan said...

Jo, It is a great step forward that infertility is seen as a condition/disease and there is not only physical help but emotional support as well.
When I think of all of the couples that have struggled with infertility in the past, you young 'uns have so many more superb options.
At 60, I still struggle with the feelings of loss and inadequency.
All I can say is, do what you feel is appropriate for you. I would recommend using the services of the counselor. Just having someone to talk to who doesn't judge or dismiss your feelings is the greatest thing in the world for your emotional health!


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