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Jun 26, 2010

Tests and Thoughts.

Ugh! I am so miserable right now...it is flu land around here right now, which is entirely thrilling, and just what I wanted. :-S. Slightly disappointing because I did want to participate a bit more in ICLW this time around.

 Having the first round of blood tests on Monday: am so not looking forward to it in many ways! Yes, I am excited about finding some more definitive answers, but I do have some terrible veins. For me personally, it is quite an ordeal to have any blood taken: my veins just don't co-operate and run away. Fingers crossed they actually behave for once!

Justin and I have been discussing the "big" decision that comes with all this testing: how far are we willing to take it right now? We both agree that IVF and IUI (if needed) are not for this year, or even the next, thanks in a large part to finances and my health. We would like to aim for a conclusive diagnosis by the end of this year, and depending on the problem, would consider medication/mildly invasive procedures (ie clearing of blocked tubes, endometriosis).

Justin is 7 years older than me: meaning he is approaching his 30th birthday very quickly (March next year). Neither one of us particularly relishes the idea of having babies in our 30's: we were born to parents whom had us in that stage of life, and whilst it worked well for them, it isn't something we want. As  it is, Justin will be in his early 30's if we manage to sort this all out in the next 6 to 12 months, and in his mid to late 30's (or older) if we have to wait for IVF/IUI treatments. His age is also one of the reasons why we are trying whilst I am so young: if we were to wait till I was in my late 20's or early 30's, he would be nearing 40 and beyond: not something I am comfortable with, particularly in light of the rise of birth defects and poorer quality swimmers which comes part of age.

I have discussed previously here my varied health problems, all of which may degenerate or flare in coming years. For me, these potential problems, as well as the fact that falling pregnant doesn't get any easier as you age, just reiterates the importance of solving these problems quickly.

I recognize that not everyone will agree with our decision to solve and deal with these problems in light of my age. These choices are not for everyone, and neither should it be. For us right now, it is the decision that we have come to feel is right for us, as both a couple and as individuals.



Laura said...

There will always be someone who questions your decision to have children unless your life is PERFECT according to their standards. It's nobody's business, & if people have a problem with it, they can suck it. You know what you can and can't do financially, so you're being responsible, unlike some *coughcoughnadiasulemancough*.

Anyways, rant over. I have terrible veins, too, so I know what that's like. Good luck to you. Fingers crossed that it's something easily remedied.

subfertilefrugalista said...

Hope the flu clears up soon! Sorry you can't fully enjoy ICLW, maybe next month! Best of luck to you!

Jo said...

I, for one, encourage you to tackle these problems head on, and sooner rather than later. I, too, started TTC very young (20 years old) but was not very aggressive with treatments. Because of our "wait and see" attitude, we are now at that point you mention (me almost 30, hubby almost 40) and still no closer to our goal.

Big hugs to you, honey. Screw anyone who judges you for wanting what everyone else has -- a loving family. There's nothing wrong with that.


Bummed Uterus said...

I have the worst veins too. They always end up digging around for one and I end up with a big bruise. Good luck!


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