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Jun 20, 2010

Welcome and a Few Facts...

A big welcome goes out to the ICLW'ers!!
It has been a while since I have participated, so I thought I would let you all know bit about myself.

I am 22, married to my partner of 4 1/2 years. No relationship is easy, and we have had some rough bumps along the way, but somehow, some way we have stuck together. We have battled financial/housing difficulties, chronic illness (Crohns), infertility/miscarriage and even family, at various points. But yet we are here!

My recent diagnoses (Arthritis, Sacroiliitis and IBS) have meant that we are being forced to take a good hard look at our baby plans. ICLW actually coincides with my gynecologist appointment (or in other words, the appointment to work out if it is viable to get a living baby at some stage in light of my health issues and our history of infertility)....So lots of big decisions coming up, and I would love some input and stories from those of you whom have had similar challenges!

Wish us luck!



Lindsay said...

Good luck to you, Hun. ((Hugs))

Ashlee G. said...

Best of luck to you!


ICLW #180

Ernie said...

Nice to meet you! It sounds like you have a LOT on your plate. I have Crohn's too, so I know how horrible that can be. I hope everything goes your way soon!


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