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Aug 4, 2010

At What Price?

There were once two stories.

One went like this:
He then placed his hand on [her] stomach before moving it under her clothes so that his hand reached the bottom of [her] bra while [she] was pulling away from his unwelcome touch...
 And the other went like this:
He then placed his hand on [her] stomach before moving it under her nightie so that his hand reached under [her] panties while [she] was pulling away from his unwelcome touch...

One is the story of a 27 year old woman, whilst the other is the story of a 14 year girl.

One is suing for $37 million, and yet the other might be lucky to get $30,000.

One has garnered national headlines, whilst the other has had little publicity.

One story has gone trial in a public court of law, and been found to be true, with the offender found guilty, and given a prison term.

One has only been judged by the media and public opinion. 

One offender was the victim's father, the other was the victim's boss.

One story is mine, whilst the other is Kristy Fraser-Kirk's.

My story is of course, the second. I was the 14 year old girl, whom was abused by her father. My story has gone to court, been proven to be true, and the offender was sent to prison. My story had minimal publicity. My compensation looks to be around the $30,000 mark: and the maximum payout that I (and others with cases like mine), am able to get for my father's crimes is $75,000. You must reemember too, that I was not the first girl he molested, and that the crimes he commited against me were mild compared to what others experienced. And I knew some of his other victims: they were hurt in my home, sometimes with me even in the same room, asleep. 

How is this right? Now, I am not saying that Kristy's situation isn't appalling, and yes, it shouldn't have happened. But I am saying that media spotlight should also be focused on the the justice system until gets it right with our children's cases, until the child victims of crime get the compensation they deserve. Once a child is abused, the impacts of that abuse reverberate through all of that child's life.

At what price is a child's innocence worth? 
At what price justice?



Sazz said...

thanks for writing this, jo. so many more stories go the same way yours has in terms of justice, it's disgraceful :(

Jo said...

Stories like yours break my heart. While I, too, don't feel like ANY woman deserves to be violated, it is so much harder to stomach when the victim is an innocent child.

How on earth can anyone claim that an adult woman's sexual harassment case is worth ten times that of a child's? While both may have been horrifying, the long-term effects on a child's psyche FAR outweigh that on a 27-year-old's, in my opinion.

Sending so much love to you today.


Jo said...

Hey lady! I responded to your comment on my blog. Just wanted to re-direct you over there, in case you didn't check back (I rarely do).


Iam veRONIque said...

Hugs for you. It breaks my heart and tears flows in my eyes reading your story. Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
thanks for sharing your story. Two of my dds were abused by their father. Since his arrest in June 2008, we are still waiting for justice. He has yet to spend a night in jail.
All that matters is that my kids can live safely.........for now. I wish I had a clue how to fix the criminal "justice" system.

Sophie said...

Hi jo, sorry I had not read your post before commenting on FJ. I am sorry it happenned to you. In those cases punitions are never enough. Did you send this info to the press (or tried to) ? I'd say that would be a first step.

I've known friends who were abused and they still are affected today. I'd like to have reassuring words that it will change, but sometimes what's lacking is knowledge from the representants. Can you contact your representative ? the more letter they receive, the more they take note of the issue.


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