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Aug 30, 2010

Day 1.

All my my readers are warned that this is a post definitely orientated towards my fellow infertiles. ;-) Details ahead!


Well, well.

I hadn't posted on on infertility related stuff lately because there was nothing to tell. My tests and appointments had been postponed, first by other appointments that I had on, and then by the hospital themselves.

But unlike my usual self, my body has actually preformed for once and started a cycle exactly on time.It has even excelled and timed itself with exactly the right amount of time for me do all the blood tests I need to do before my next appointment at the end of next month (that is if they don't cancel/change it on me again).

So today is DAY 1 of the 'test' cycle. :-) At this stage, my first blood test is due 2 days from now.

Woot. First and only time that I suspect you will ever see me be happy about having a period!


1 comment:

shadowspring said...

Sending good wishes your way...


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