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Aug 24, 2010

Important Blogging, Important Support

One of my favourite bloggers (Aunt Becky of Mummy Wants Vodka) asks "Why [is] blogging important?".

Aunt Becky, I am glad you asked!! Mostly because I have been having a little bit of a writer's block lately, so it is fantastic that you have given me some inspiration! 

For me, blogging is all about the experience, the sharing, the ability to promote things that matter to me. It also allows me to connect to people with similar life experiences. Most importantly, it allows me to be honest and frank about topics that are usually never discussed.

I feel particularly passionate about raising awareness of childhood sexual abuse, and the long term impacts of a fundamentalist upbringing. Blogging allows me to do that, to a far wider audience then I could have gotten in my off-line life.

Blogging is important because it allows me to do all those things: and more, if I was to so choose. Not only that, but it doesn't discriminate: anyone can start a blog, about anything they want. And ultimately, anyone can choose to support anyone: and leave kind words of support.

Like any community, it has its downsides too.  Mummy Wars, nit picking other bloggers, the big bloggers ignoring/not supporting the little ones, troll comments, the list goes on. People's imperfections get carried over from the real world, and can be amplified by the convenient anonymity the internet affords.

That being said, it is a small problem in the scheme of things, and to me, the aforementioned benefits of blogging far outweigh the negatives. You can delete a nasty comment: but you cannot even begin to delete (or comprehend) the positive impacts blogging has had on the stay at home mum, the infertile community, etc.  The support it has offered them is priceless.

Blogging Rocks!



Laura said...

My blog readers are more supportive of me than my family, and I am going to get to meet a few next week so it will translate into real world friendships. I think blogging can help us feel less alone, whatever our triumphs or sorrows may be.

Mummy in Waiting said...

It definately makes me feel less alone and makes me feel like I have been given a 'purpose' for this madness which is to help other woman who are going through the same thing to feel like they are not alone.


Lisa said...

To me, blogging is about expression, but also, essentially about connection. On a personal level, I have busy friends who don't always have the time to sit and have a chat when I want to reflect upon life, tell something that happened in the day or unburden myself of some emotions.

Additionally,I can be a part of a community online that has similar interests, regardless of how far apart we live, what we own or do for a living. Everyone of your reasons for blogging rings true for me as well.

Lisa ICLW #63 - Your Great Life

Kakunaa said...

Oh, it is a wonderful space!!! And it has, quite honestly, taken over my life. I feel such a bond with these women! Yes, there are a few mean-spirited people out there, but that's why we have the delete button, and the ability to fight back with our WORDS, in a positive manner.

Happy ICLW #77

The Infertility Doula said...

Beautifully said. Thank you for sharing. Blogging truly connects us all and over looks a lot of our real life differences. Maybe you and I in the real world would have never crossed paths, and yet here we are.


Lora said...

Blogging does rock!

Happy ICLW!

Cape Girl said...

I can't even begin to explain how glad I am that I started to blog. It helped me to find a whole community that knew what I was going through. Those people are few and far between in my off-line life. And for the most part it allows me to vent about what ever I need to!

ICLW #137

Tina said...

I agree--blogging rocks!

Happy ICLW!


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