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Aug 12, 2010

Political Musings of a Very Tired Me!

Can I say, "What a week!!". It just has been frantic: busy, busy, busy. I feel like I have run a marathon.

That being said, I am glad my "At What Price" post has proven to be so helpful. I have really enjoyed hearing all your perspectives and stories. It has definitely been a massive, powerful reminder as to why I blog. So thank you. 

Here in Australia, we are approaching election time. Alas, whilst the various parties debate the 'boat people' issue, the real issues have been minimised to all oblivion. The mainstream media has not helped in this regard: preferring to offer dumbed down news stories, and blame the poor boat people for all Australia's woes.

I am yet to hear an announcement about changing the child safety system: or at least increasing it's funding. Nationwide, the system is failing those it cares for in very real, and appalling ways. Yet, our government is more worried about the blame game, and what they WON'T do. Definitive, positive action seems to be beyond them.

Yes, I am very proud that we have Australia's first prime minister, and yes, I do hope she is elected again. But I think the way she booted Kevin Rudd wasn't right: and I am really annoyed at the 'faceless men' whom made that decision. The Australian people should have had the right to say when his time was up: they put him in, and they should be the ones to take him out.

Last but not least, congratulations go to California, whom has just re-legalised gay marriage. Again, Australia is hopelessly behind on this issue.  Again, the politicians had an opportunity to change that this election. Yet they did not.

This election, go the Greens!!


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