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Aug 17, 2010

Voices from the Past: Letters of Joan L Palmes: Part 2

March 6th
Dearest Mummy,

I was so pleased to get your letter. I am so sorry that Daisy went so soon & and I do hope you will be able to get someone else soon. 

I hope Bubbles liked riding Phantom. She would probably find her a very lazy walker though. When is she (Bubbles) coming back to Brisbane, do you know? 

No, Lois isn't in the Brokway (swiming race). She would have been in it, I think, only she wasn't at the Boorroolaban baths to swim off last Friday.

The Brokway is next Saturday and we are all beginning to get excited. We practised the "War-cry" today and also got our colours.

No, I haven't written to Mrs Barrett yet, but I will make a point of writing on Sunday.

Did you see see a picture in the paper not long ago of some of the girls doing their mending. I am not in it - was practising at the time, I think - but Mavis & Lois are in it. Mavis is sitting on the chair in the middle & Lois is about 4 th from the right with her head bent down. 

By the way, you know the day you went home, well when I came back through the vestibule Mavis was there & she wanted to see you so I went back again to see if you were there but you had gone. 

I do hope Bruno has written to you. 

Rita, Matha, Mavis & Lois send their love to you. 

This is a very hurried letter but I am writing it on Wednesday night in prep!!

Please give my love to everyone, and lots to yourself. 

Your loving daughter

P.S. Don't work too hard!!


March 10th. 1935

Dearest Mother, 

I was so pleased to get your letter. I suppose Aunty Mon will be here this week - I will be expecting her to come and see me sometime. It will be great because I haven't had a visitor since you went home. 

I do hope the stupid strike at the abbortroirs has come to an end and that you will be able to come down at Easter. 

It was silly of Daisy to go away so soon and leave you all the work to do.

I went to Dr. Rosentengel on Friday and had my second tooth drawn. He said that Diana Bill had been in and asked about me. 

Well our great day of excitement is over. The Brokway was swum yesterday and our team won both the Senior and the Junior races. It was very exciting and as soon as our team had one won we all stood up and sung our war-cry and then the school that came second sung theirs. 

Our team also won the Senior and Junior Championships, and this win caused more excitement. We were last in the life-saving but we won the other four. 

Mrs Shaw has asked Lois to ask me to go down to Fairmont for mid-term and, of course, I gladly accepted. 

This is not a very long letter but I will write a longer one next time. 

Please give my love to Eva and John and also to Margot.

Your loving daughter,


March 14th., 1935
Dearest Mummy, 

Well it is nearly mid-term, - Wednesday to-day and we go out on Friday morning at 10 a.m. I going out to Fairmont with Lois and I am sure I will be shy and won't enjoy myself a bit! However I will probably be allr all right when I get out there.

How is the old, I mean new!, dodge? You must have had a rotten trip over to Coominglah but Aunty Mon would apprech appreciate it.

Golly! It was great of the Correspondence school to choose my exercise book to send out as an example!!

No I haven't had a letter from Bryan since you went home. I wrote to him a few weeks ago but have not received an answer yet.

I hope you gave Booey my love when you went over to Kiu Kurrajong.

Mummy, dear, I do hope that this business of putting us at school hasn't cost too much. To me some the bills seemed to mount up to an awful lot. And now this wretched meat strike - I do hope you are not having trouble at home with all the work & all the books and everything to do as well. 

Don't bother about my clothes will you until you have everything settled and on the go again.

Please don't bother about an evening frock 'cause I really don't need one.

Well I must get on with my prep now. I am just scribbling this letter I am afraid, because no reads it tonight.

Lots & lots of love from


Glass Case of Emotion said...

Very cool letters to have found, thanks for sharing them...

Happy ICLW
-Jess (#74)

Patience said...

What a treasure these letters are! Thanks for sharing!



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