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Sep 10, 2010

At What Price? Part 2

I did have another post simmering about the meet up I had with fellow blogger Dragonfly from A Dragonfly Diary.

But then something amazing happened. Something I have been waiting on, for many years now.

I won. 

For once, Guy did not sneak off, or get off lightly. For once, he is going to have to pay for what he is done, in full. For once, the system worked.

However, it is a terrible shame, and an appalling thing, that money had to become involved for that to happen.

I was awarded 50% (of the maximum you can get in personal injury) in compensation by the court: an unbiased third party. Ironically, it was the same court (different judge) whom let him get off so lightly when he was sentenced.

For me, it feels unbelievable. It feels like that I am finally being believed, and acknowledged, something I didn't feel when he was sentenced. They even went above and beyond what I expected, or even hoped for (we were thinking 30%). I was prepared to be let down yet again.

But most of all, I finally feel free. Finally feel that for a large part, that chapter of my life is closed. I am sure that it may re-open from time to time. I am also sure that I will never forget it, and the lessons it has taught me.

But freedom is priceless. I feel like I have finally finished something, albeit with some very major help.

A shout out goes out here to my lawyer, Terry Tummon at Rees R Sydney Jones. He has been the driving force behind the scenes. and have done an amazing job.

Jo :-)


Angel Renee said...

Congratulations!!! I am SO glad you got to feel what justice is like.

Laura said...

Yay! GREAT news!


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