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Sep 20, 2010

Backs should DIE!!

Has anyone else noticed that when your body is somewhat literally screaming at you to rest, the more and more busier you seem to get?  Ugh. Stop this ride, I am ready to get off. :-s At least, physically, anyway.

My back has been proving more and more difficult to work with. My recent few days with 3+ kids under 4 certainly proved that. Literally ended up flat on my back by the end of each day! Appalling really. It makes me feel old.

To me it just reinforces my need to have children as soon as possible. If it doesn't happen soon, there is no way in hell I will be able to manage and deal with then and my back/knee problems. It will just be a physical impossibility. I already drag myself up off the floor playing with them, like an old woman! I shudder what I will be like in 5, 10 and even 15 years time. :-S

Oh good god. I am stopping now, before I give myself a heart attack!!!


Kat said...

I understand entirely! I am 26, and with fibromyalgia and chronic sciatic pain, I feel closer to fifty! I am hoping to be done having children before I am thirty five, so I can enjoy parenting as much as possible before the real fun sets in with age!

Jenny said...

You know I agree... I'm having to do physical therapy on my back to make it through this pregnancy!
Another reason we won't be having more than one (and wouldn't have continued trying too much longer I'm sure) is what you listed in this post about no way to manage all the pysical stuff and the kids. ((hugs))
Sorry you are having such a hard time!


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