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Oct 17, 2010

Adorable, Gorgeous Photos and Privacy...

Of late, I have been very busy taking photos - of other people's adorable babies, and gorgeous children - so adorable and gorgeous in fact, that I have literally taken 1000's of photos lately! Stop the cute baby making, friends! You are making my ovaries hurt!

These are however, photos that I haven't chosen to share here or on my photography blog. Why?

Recently, innocent photos of Madeline Sphor were found saved on a paedophile computer. This rather appalling, and terribly sad situation made me think long and hard about the photos I have displayed online of other people's children. I am usually very careful about safety settings etc, but I have slipped up in the past. After Facebook changed its privacy settings without letting me know, some of my photos were taken by a biological parent of one of the children I cared for - which he then displayed as his own (and took credit for), without ever contacting me about them. This shook me up horribly - and made me feel very violated. For me, the most appalling thing was not that he took my images, but that he took them without permission from a person that he had never met.

That and the current situation with the Sphors, made me rethink my formally relaxed privacy perspective. I now triple check if I can post photos of kids, even on facebook.

I will no longer be posting photos (or at least, ones that are identifiable, even with their parents permission) here in this space, or on my photography blog. In fact I have privatised the photography blog - with a view to eventually clear it altogether - for one thing, I haven't been updating it at all - mostly because I just have been too busy, and also, have just been taking too many photos to keep them updated!


1 comment:

Angel Renee said...

Oh dear. I really hope my siblings are protected...


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