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Nov 29, 2010

And Now, We Wait,

The gyno today told us they can't help us anymore. We did find out Justin's FSH hormone is low.

As the wonderful doctor said - if it was me, they could do a lot more. Not only that, but there is no point to further testing me, because Justin's problem is so big. The big "$" words were even brought up - IVF, sperm donor, adoption.

The next step is to get referred into the urologist - for more tests for Justin. That will be another long wait - lasting into the new year and beyond. And when we do get in, who knows how much longer it will be until we finally get a diagnosis. I foresee many years of waiting, and a great deal of money spent, before we even look like we are going to be having children.

Many years of other people having children, and many years of us having none. Sounds like heaps of fun. Why don't I just become the crazy cat lady now??!?!

Did I ever say how much I hate waiting? :-) 


1 comment:

foxy said...

Oh Honey - You are, in my opinion, in the worst kind of waiting. We got our azoos diagnosis in july 09... the waiting for repeat SA, for hormone tests, for genetic tests, for biopsy results, for appointments to get the results, for appointments to get the tests. for so long we just got bad news every single appointment, every single test. It was like getting punched in the gut over and over again.

I felt a little like an outcast when I was loving my 2ww with our first diui last month. At least that wait had some hope to go along with it! I was so joyful that we finally had a chance.

So, Yeah, I am so sorry that you have to be stuck in this painful grief-ridden waiting place.

My only advice to you is to not waste any time with a UR who is not at the TOP of his field. (That is my only regret that we didn't start with the best UR.) My DH ended up doing 6 months of FSH hormone therapy, which might be an option for you since his FSH is low. Feel free to email me offline if you want more details.

Aww Jo - I am so sorry that this is one more part of your journey. hang in there.


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