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Nov 9, 2010

Blog Neglect and other Matters

Well, well, I have been rather neglectful of this blog lately. Sorry about that.

Finally life has slowed down a little, allowing me to regain some sense of rest and relaxation. Something which I have desperately needed. My body has been humming along fart to close to empty for too long now.

Why? Beyond my desperate urge to keep busy (and admittedly, my problems with saying 'no' definitely play into that), there is, of course, the medical stuff. Ah, yes, the never-ending medical stuff!

At this stage I have doing ok with the IBS/Crohns stuff. With the help of medication, it has been kept at a bearable level. The tiredness is there, but I think it is more because of the medications I am on.

My biggest obstacle at the moment is the arthritis/sacrillitis.  My joints are refusing to operate as they should.  This weekend when I was taking photos (meaning having to climb on top of things, and lie down on the ground etc), was particularly bad. I definitely paid for it (pain wise) later, to say nothing of the embarrassment it causes when you have to ask for help to get up/down. As I proclaimed on Facebook, my joints are 22 years old, not a 100! They should act like it!

On a final (unrelated) note:

Mr Bush, torture is torture! It is NOT ok to stoop to their level, just to get bits of information (which may or may not be true) you could have gotten in other ways. How can you expect your citizens that are POW/prisoners of the other side to be treated well, when you treat your own POW/prisoners so appallingly?

David Kosh (from Sunrise, an Australian breakfast show), you just lost all my respect as a journalist (not that I had much of that to begin with) and human being for agreeing with him.


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