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Nov 30, 2010

Body Days.

When I say I want/hope for a good day, what I really mean is that I want that day to be the day that I get my miracle BFP.

When I say I have had a bad day, it usually means I discovered yet more roadblocks on the path to the miracle BFP.

And some days, I just get overwhelmed by the pressure. The pressure to conform. To be another person. To be the thinner person I used to be. To be the perfect wife, daughter, and care giver.

You may have noticed my little 'blogger body' button on the sidebar. I added it for my friends, and for myself. Added it because of all the times when that little voice in my head told me I was fat, and disgusting. That little voice that has been in the head of my friends. That little voice that still peeps up, even though I am happy and confident in my body that has survived so much - and I have a real appreciation for that survival.

There is no shame to be had in admitting that you have heard and listened to that voice. Shame can only live in silence.

To my friends - embrace your body. Remember all the amazing things it does for you, and allows you to do. Every body has it's failings. There is no such thing as a perfect body. Don't stress the small stuff and focus on the big picture. As for men? There is a man out there to appreciate every body type, and not only that - if he is a good one, he just won't care...

Your body is your most amazing gift to yourself - appreciate it. Look after it, but don't smother it. Cut it some slack. :-)



The Infertility Doula said...

"Shame can only live in silence." I love that line!

We take the working of our body for granted. We criticize its external appearance without ever taking the time to be amazing by its inner workings.

Good reminder to be good to ourselves.

Pschall said...

This is such a beautiful post, friend. Thank you!

Lulu said...

Thanks for the reminder. Thank you also for your encouraging comment on my blog. I read your story and it blew me away. You have been through so much, this infertility beast is only your next animal to defeat.

Much love.


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