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Dec 16, 2010


I have literally had this post sitting in a tab for about a week now, completely blank. I click over to begin to write, and then click away, because I don't know how, and even if, I should write what I feel.

Hang in there folks, it has been a bumpy ride, these past few weeks. An overwhelming, exhausting ride. And I am not off yet.

In the next few days I am really hoping to organise myself and write up my annual "A Year That Was" post, and update everyone on our recent happenings. :-) But for now, I really want to crawl into a quiet hole, and sleep.



Laura said...

Sleep! We'll be here when you wake up. :)

Claire said...

Hope you're doing ok hun. Merry Christmas to you and Justin, if I don't talk to you before then.



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