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Jan 6, 2011

13 Days

Sometimes, there comes a moment when all else fails into insignificance. 

That moment was today when I learnt of my dear friend's terrible news. News so awful I can barely stand to write it. 

After 13 days of bringing light and love into her parent's lives, tiny Lilith Faith (Littlest) left them for reasons not yet understood. And indeed, which will probably never be understood. 

So in her memory - over the next 13 days (here on my blog and facebook), I will be doing a photo project - a photo (or several) for each day of her too short life.  

Rest in Peace
Baby Girl 

You were the most wanted, loved child.

Please go over to Jenny's site and offer any support that you can.


Cattiz J said...

Oh, this is just heart breaking. So unfair!

rebecca said...

I saw this on LFCA, so heartbreakingly sad and hard to understand. Life is beyond painfully unfair at times.

Jenny said...

We cannot thank you enough, or express just how much this means to us. Thank you.


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