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Feb 2, 2011


As I sit, at my new desk, in my new home, I am slightly startled at my own fears of it all being dragged away from me, and I still cannot understand our luck in finding a place like this.

So. back to the beginning. After finding out our lease was expiring (had been for a while...but oh well!) we began considering a move. The move. To get back on track with our lives. And maybe with our marriage too.

We began househunting as I mentioned in my last post – began hunting for a home – and any home would do. And then we stumbled across – the unit – this unit. It was perfect – the closest I had ever found to being my “dream” home. It was the windows that did it I think – huge windows overlooking a wild bushland park on two sides. Windows that make the home feel open, spacious, and overwhelmingly positive and hums with all the energy it can muster from the light that steams through them. I still cannot get enough of them – each morning I wake to a view that is always changing, and yet, assuredly the same with amazing black and silver of the gum tree trunks remaining solidly in the places where they have stood for so many years.

When I put the application in, I was so certain that the chances were that we could not get it. As it was to turn out – we did. This little home had been empty for 3 months, waiting patiently for us. And I have little doubt that it was especially for us – the move was like clockwork and our furniture now resides in a home that looks like it was built for it. It is small but managable – and I won't miss the stairs that we had in the old place.

We have called the house, “Hopeview”. This will be our home for at least the next six months – may it bring only the good, and if bad should come, may it be a refuge where it cannot enter, and never linger.

There are no bad spirits here.  


Alison said...

I love the name of your new place! I also hope your new place gives you guys a new start.

Lidia said...

That's awesome Jo!! Is it still over northside??


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