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Jun 18, 2011


You can please everyone as long as you don't give a damn about yourself.
-Posted by me on facebook-

I am doer.

I love to do stuff for others.

Generous doesn't even begin to cover what I do.

Free babysitting? That is me.

Free photos (or very cheap)? That is me.

Everything provided for the kids whilst they are here? That is me.

I like to make everyone happy. Forgetting all too often about myself, my health and my limits.

So, this weekend I called cease! And desist. On myself.

This weekend has been one big Jo-fest so far. It has all been about me. Ha.

I got very drunk.

I slept during the day.

I only spent money on myself.

I recharged my batteries.

And it has totally been worth it.

I can get back to doing what I love with a smile. Because even though it is so draining - I wouldn't change it for the world. 

Some might (and do!) think me crazy for what I do - but when something is said, my reply is always - "it makes me happy - and you get out of life what you put in".

Happiness is priceless.


hapi said...

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soul_less said...

Sometimes you have to be selfish to be the best person that you can be. There is a reason that the safety announcements on aeroplanes tell you to put your own mask on before helping anyone else. You can't help those who need it, if you are struggling for air yourself. Eventually the air is going to run out and what use will you be then. Much love.

shadowspring said...

Ah, wonderful post, Princess. So glad to come back for a quick peek and read you are being good to yourself. You deserve it!


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