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Resources for Those Leaving QF/Fundamentalism.

When I left fundamentalism, even though I was young, I found it tough going. Completely changing nearly every belief system you have ever had is fraught with stress and, at times, mistakes (and yes, I made my fair share). Going from any number of restrictions to sudden freedom, is liberating, but it is quite easy to go from one extreme to the other.

What helped me to find a balance in this 'new world order' was the internet and the resources present thereon. The stories of others helped me find a balance.

Since I left, the numbers of these "religious refugees" have only increased astronomically. It is nigh impossible to keep track of them all.

Regardless, the list below attempts to create a one stop descriptive guide to many those resources that I found useful and empowering. I decided to compile it for those of you who come here that are questioning, in the process of leaving, have left, or are simply looking for information. As new resources become available, they will be added.

So here goes!

The Take Heart Project

A new project to assist those in the process of leaving. It is described as having:

A two-fold purpose: to provide support to women and children who are escaping abusive religious movements, and to provide the public with accurate, compassionate information on the unique challenges faced by the spiritually abused.

I am very excited about the future possibilities with this project. Please get behind and support it!

No Longer Quivering

A fantastic resource: I cannot stress that strongly enough! Filled with amazing stories of people who chose to leave the fundamentalist/QF movement. Ran by Vyckie Garrison whose story alone is truly impressive and inspiring. Blogathon in progress, so do go over and check it out!


Full of stories of people that have left just christianity in general. Even if that's not your path of choice, do go and have a look. It is full of interesting perspectives and viewpoints.

Quivering Daughters

A good solid resource, particularly for 2nd generation QF/Fundamentalists. Hillary decided to remain in the christian faith, so it is an interesting blog from that viewpoint.

Redheaded Skeptic

Her effervescent humor and the honest way she has tackled leaving fundamentalism/christianity sets the Redheaded Skeptic apart. She shares her story openly, but still retains a touch of humor about it all, and I love her for it.

On Leaving Fundamentalist Christianity

One of my latest finds. A fascinating look at varying aspects of leaving fundamentalism christianity, and in fact any form of christianity. An excellent read.

What Came Down Today

An author's look back on her journey leaving fundamentalism. Powerful, moving and interesting.

And many more to come!



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